The entire Star Wars line began with a mail away promotion and Kenner never held back in continuing that trend during the 1977-1985 Star Wars toy run.

This website is created with the purpose in helping collectors add/verify these great pieces of history in their collections and document what I’ve learned as I’ve collected these fun items.

This guide has had several iterations. It began as a forum post over on The Imperial Gunnery Forum. In order to maintain it a little easier, I moved it to my collection website at powerofthetoys.com.

The guide is now to the point where I thought it would display better on a separate website. Hopefully, it will help collectors get to the information they need quicker.

This serves as a guide strictly on Kenner mail aways. I had some help on The Imperial Gunnery version with some of the foreign mail aways, so if you’re interested in those, please use the link above. At some point, that might also be considered for expansion here, as it is certainly an area that isn’t as well documented.

In most cases, I’ve used pictures/information from my own collection, but there are a few additional pieces shown with the help from other collectors. I’ve been given their permission to use these images and give credit to them in the various sections.

All the baggie codes used in the guide correspond to those created in A Collectors Guide to Kenner Baggies.