ROTJ Proofs

A large number of Return of the Jedi (ROTJ) proof cards exist, similarly to the ESB proofs partly due to the number of characters which were released on the ROTJ cards – 79 in total. Of the 79 characters, most are known to exist as proof cards, although some are rare with few examples known to exist and various proof card types are known. The most common are the 65-back, while 77 and 79-back proofs exist in smaller quantities.

Of the 79 characters, the earlier releases appear to be some of the rarest, while it is relatively easy to acquire an example of a Jedi released character on a ROTJ proof card. This may be because those at Kenner had already stockpiled a good deal of the early figures on earlier proof cards so keeping ROTJ examples was less important and fewer survived (Luke is easily obtainable on an ESB proof, but very rare on ROTJ for example). It may also be that a number of collectors own these cards but keep their collections private, which makes tracking numbers difficult, if not impossible.

The Return of the Jedi Proof Card Types:

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