Links & Credits

There are many excellent Star Wars collecting websites out there. Below are links to some which are especially useful or interesting:

The Star Wars Collectors Archive
An excellent resource for all things vintage Star Wars, production and prototypes alike, with items shown from collections all over the world (including some of mine). Be sure to check out the Packaging Prototypes section.

The Kellerman Matrices
Long time collector and author of the excellent ‘Star Wars Vintage Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors’ book, John Kellerman, has produced a pair of matrices listing known proof cards and known card front and back combinations. A genuinely indispensable collecting resource.
An excellent website, created by Jim Mc Callum, dedicated to all (Star Wars) things Canadian and also 2D Kenner preproduction paper items.

Australian collector Alex K has created this website to showcase his collection – including an impressive array of proof cards and Cromalins.

Lando’s Locker
Not where Lando keeps his sports kit, but an excellent fan site dedicated to vintage Star Wars figures – especially variations.


 Thank you to everybody who has provided input – either evidence of numbers and sales, or pictures for use as thumbnails or in the galleries or just general hints, tips and advice!

Thanks to:

David Brolin                          Christian                                Tom Derby
Adam Benefiel                      Marc Caraway
Alex Katsoulis                       Ara Kelekian
Ste_Jones                            Jerry Sawyer