R5-D4 Photoart

R5-D4 is probably my favourite cardback image – where else can you find a character, which was on screen for only seconds, with Luke, R2 and a couple of Jawas in the image?

Kenner chose the scene where Luke inspects R5-D4 before buying it, as R2-D2 looks on.  Perhaps Luke being in the image would remind children (and paying parents) how the strange little red and white droid fitted into the saga.

The photo has been airbrushed in order to remove parts of the sandcrawler background from behind Luke and the Jawas heads.  This can be clearly seen on the finished cardbacks and to leave the sandcrawler background in would have made for a ‘busy’ and confusing image.

The landscape nature of the photo is obviously not suitable for portrait style cardbacks.  The pasted on markers indicate which parts of the picture would be used on the cardback.