Archive party and other news

Well… According to my “official Celebration 6” app we have 52 days, 5 hours and 56 minutes until the start of C6. And we are finally starting to get some news in.

First, as most of you know, we have the Star Wars Collectors Archive party. It’s being held on Thursday, August 23rd. Shawn and I are part of the 25 sponsors for the event. Not only are we giving away some ultra cool card backs with a special manatee flare. But, all proceeds raised from the part will be donated directly to the Save the Manatee Club. And to top it all off, we have an official coin being created just for the event. You surely won’t want to miss this.

Over this weekend we got some details on the autograph guests that are going to be at C6. One of the hugest guests is none other than Ian McDiarmid himself. It’s a first time convention signing by him and I’m sure he will draw huge crowds. Luckily I already have him! However there are a few others I’m looking to snag, more details on that as we get closer. You can read more about the autograph guests here.

Another cool piece of news that came out at the end of last week, is the announcement of the tattoo pavilion coming back to celebration! I’m still debating if I want to get another tattoo, but I can assure you my wife is getting one and is all but locked in. I’ll definitely be posting images of that!

There’s also been ongoing news and images coming out about the Celebration art show. So far we have three rounds of artists prints shown. I have my favorites, what’s yours?

And last but not least was the word about the C6 exclusive Hallmark Ornament that leaked out over the weekend. They did a great job with it this year and it’s actually an ornament 3-pack. The exclusive is Obi-Wan, Ponda Boba and Ponda Boba’s severed arm! Definitely going to attempt to pick that up!

That’s all for now. But I’ll be updating this blog as we go along and definitely at Celebration itself.

CVI Exclusives

Going to Celebration VI? Well, will be giving away its first set of exclusives. All you have to do is seek me out during the convention to get one. There’s a few places that one might spot me. The first location will be The Star Wars Collectors Archive Party which will be Thursday night at the Rosen Centre. Second is the Vintage Room Sales that will take place each night, and third will be at the Collectors panel area during the convention. I’m sure the question you’re asking is, “So, what can I get if I find you?” Well, I’ll actually have a few goodies.

First, is the main button. It was designed by Chris Botkins and the text is presented in a nice POTF coin looking font/design, which has the site name and mention of Celebration VI. Also, in what I thought was a nice touch, the side of the button features the web address.
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