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Going to Celebration VI? Well, will be giving away its first set of exclusives. All you have to do is seek me out during the convention to get one. There’s a few places that one might spot me. The first location will be The Star Wars Collectors Archive Party which will be Thursday night at the Rosen Centre. Second is the Vintage Room Sales that will take place each night, and third will be at the Collectors panel area during the convention. I’m sure the question you’re asking is, “So, what can I get if I find you?” Well, I’ll actually have a few goodies.

First, is the main button. It was designed by Chris Botkins and the text is presented in a nice POTF coin looking font/design, which has the site name and mention of Celebration VI. Also, in what I thought was a nice touch, the side of the button features the web address.




The next exclusive, is for a new project that I am launching now and in conjunction with Celebration VI, The Star Wars Space Club website. The site is a new social network for Vintage Star Wars collectors. It takes some of the best things of Facebook and Twitter, combining them into one site. The other major thing is every member gets their own blog/website that they can use to share their interests with other collectors. People who find me at CVI will be getting their very own Star Wars Space Club Membership card. The site is now open for anyone who would care to join, have a look around, and get some discussion going with other like minded collectors. The url is and there’s already two great resources on the site with Wolff’s Poch/PBP Guide and the new home of

The site is still a work in progress, so please bare with me as I finalize a few things. Also, in light of recent events, I invite everyone to read the site TOS/Disclaimer.


Last, but definitely not least, is a top secret button, which even I have not seen yet. It is being created by the very talented Aimee Botkins. You can see some of her excellent work in Chris’ forthcoming CVI exclusives thread. This button requires a little more effort in that you have to find me and say, “I am a Jedi, like my father before me” okay, not really, I’ll still give one to you if you ask, but you get bonus points if you say it. That should give a hint as to what this button might involve. 🙂



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