We made it!

Finally! After a few delays and some frustration we finally made it to Orlando. Weather is good, although its been raining on and off all night.

Soo glad we upgraded to a condo! Holy cow this is awesome! We can see Universal Studios from our patio! We’ve had a wonderful night having dinner with Aimee’s brother, enjoying our evening with Shawn and Sarah and getting all of our C6 gear unpacked. Room sales watch out! We are coming for you!

Tomorrow we conquer Disney!

And…. card backs for the party all made it safe and sound as well.


In the Air!

I decided to splurge on airplane wifi and figured it was only fitting to do a post at 35,000 feet in the air. Everything went smooth at the airport and we arrived with plenty of time to get Breakfast before take off. It looks like we are going to arrive a good 30 minutes before our ETA, so you can’t really ask for anything better. The white skinny droid had fun eating breakfast with us and also wanted his picture taken in front of one of the airplanes as it is his first time flying.



Cardbacks, not drugs

We made it through! Even with 1500 card backs!

Aimee and I joked with each other that the security guys would mistake the card backs for bricks of drugs! πŸ™‚ Thankfully they didn’t! They didn’t even give us flack for our little goody for JoeY! πŸ˜‰

And now… It’s time for a bloody Mary and to chill out before the plane takes off. Keep checking in. I’ll try and update as often as I can!


I’m leaving on a jet plane


Well, well. Here we are, about 12 hours to go until we depart for Orlando! I feel like a kid before Christmas, nervous, anxious and most of all excited!!!

We have our bags packed, all 5 of them. One of the most interesting parts of this trip is trying to figure out how to transport 1500 (or 41 pounds) or Manatee proof cards down to C6. We’ve devised a plan that involves 2 carry-ons, a messenger bag, Aimee’s purse and my work laptop bag. I’m not kidding you when I say my carry-on bag weighs more than my checked bag!

Some of you might be asking why we are traveling with them? Well… Good question. πŸ™‚ I guess part of it is some responsibility to ensure they arrive safe and sound. And part of it is not fully trusting the post office. And the other part would be we are just a tad stingy!!!! πŸ˜‰

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Signing off for now. I’m going to try and get some rest so I travel day can get here faster. Happy travel day eve everyone!

Bags Are Packed

My suitcaseΒ is now ready to go and Sarah’s is just about too. We’ll be leaving tomorrow early morning for Orlando. I can’t believe that it is finally time. I’m looking forward to meeting up with old acquaintances and meeting some new ones. I will try and do at least one overall post a day at the convention, but hopefully a few smaller ones during some down time as well. Keep an eye on the flickr feed though as that will be where you’ll see most of the action first.

This little guy on the suitcase will be joining us in the fun as well. πŸ™‚

Orlando here we come!


Space Club Cards are Ready

I’ve finally finished the final versions of the Space Club cards for CVI. I’ve got 30 to hand out so please come and find me. I’ll be at the chive party, the collectors panel area, and wandering around the exhibitor hall. I hope that this will help get the word out on the site. Thank you to all of those that have signed up already and have participated. I appreciate it.



More Buttons Revealed

We are exactly two weeks away from the start of C6 now! πŸ™‚

So I thought what better way to start the countdown than to reveal a few more buttons that we’ll be giving away. I alluded to a few more in my earlier post, well, here they are!

These are all limited quantities, and we’ll only be handing out a few each day (25ish). You’ll be able to find us all over the place, but mostly the Tattoo area, artist booths, collector panels and especially at the Archive Party. All you have to do to get a button is find us and introduce yourself.

Can’t wait to see you all down there!

Jar Jar Button

Wicket Button

Ahsoka Tano Button

Rebel Commando Button

CVI Badges

Last week, the CVI badges arrived for Sarah and I. When I first saw images of these, I wasn’t took excited for them as previous badges had some great stylized artwork. I realize now that these are just meant to be fun and showing various Star Wars characters like they are just having a great time, so they’ve grown on me. Besides, the badge is just a small part of it anyway, so it’s nothing worth making a big deal over.

In exactly 2 weeks now, I’ll be flying to Orlando!

Top Secret Button Revealed

I’ve been given the go ahead, from Chris and Aimee, to now reveal the final button that will be handed out at Celebration VI. I really love the way how Aimee’s art with this matches the figure likeness rather than trying to do a direct Mark Hamill likeness. I can’t wait to see this in person and this is most certainly going to be a cherished piece in my Luke Jedi focus collection. I think her entire line of buttons are going to be a huge hit among collectors and is a great way to kick off her side business in doing commission artwork.

Getting in on the C6 Exclusive Game

During Celebration 5, one of the coolest things to do was collect buttons to put on your badge lanyard. Most of them were done by other collectors and some were really creative, Oceans11 Stormtrooper one comes to mind. Almost immediately after the convention, on the plane ride home, my wife decided that she was going to make buttons to hand out during Celebration 6.

Fast forward to this year, and she’s not only created a few, but we have a total of 6 buttons that we’ll be giving away during the convention. Add to that we have a few exclusives that may or may not be revealed as we get closer (we haven’t made up our mind yet on how much we want to share about those! πŸ˜‰Β  ). A little background on the buttons. The character images are hand drawn/painted by Aimee and displayed on a complementary color background. All you have to do to get one is come up and introduce yourself to one of us at the convention!

So without further ado, I present our Celebration 6 exclusive buttons!

Ackbar C6 Button

Salacious Crumb C6 Button

Boba Fett C6 Button

Jawa C6 Button

R2-D2 C6 Button

Yoda C6 Button