CVI Day 1

Today was the first day of CVI. It was fun and we got most of the things like picking up art prints and autographs out of the way first. The only panel I made it to was the Lili Ledy panel which had some amazing photos shown from inside the Ledy factory along with some other great items.

Tonight, was the archive party which was a blast. I manned the Rocket Fett game and we earned some great cash to save the Manatee. The Manatee cardbacks were incredible and Chris did an amazing job. Also, the exclusive coin turned out great and we were given two great surprises in that each sponsor got a couple exclusive cardbacks and a gold version of the coin.

We’ve gone crazy in picking up and distributing our fan made buttons. I’m working on my 2nd lanyard at the moment and there are still a few on my list that I’ve yet to find. Here’s mine from this morning before picking up even more throughout the day.








That’s it for now as it is getting late. Check the Flickr feed for a lot more photos from the party and the day. I’ll try and post more tomorrow.

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