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Swag City


 Everyone has really outdone themselves this year on the swag. The day before the show even started I have almost 2 lanyards full. Most importantly though is meeting new people and people that I met briefly last one. Last night consisted of several hours just hanging out in the lobby with everyone just talking and having a great time. 

So far for the first day I’ve mainly explored the exhibit hall, but plan on hitting a panel of two and of course the archive party tonight which should be a blast.

I’m Stuck on the Runway

For some strange reason the weather decided it was a good day to snow. The airport wasn’t expecting this, so they are short staffed on the crew to de ice the planes. We were just told it’d be an hour before they get to ours, so a little set back and an even more great reason to enjoy the California weather when we land. 




Bags Packed


 Well, the bags are finally packed and I think I’m ready to go. It’s bittersweet that things aren’t going quite as planned for my family to come with, but hopefully they’ll be joining in a couple days. 

I’m looking forward to a great Archive Party and room sales night as well as attending a few panels. Most importantly though meeting up with friends and meeting some people that I’ve only known online up to this point.

It’s time to hit the sack for an early AM flight. I’ll try and at least do a post a day here and if I’m feeling overzealous a couple throughout each day.