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Space Club Cards are Ready

I’ve finally finished the final versions of the Space Club cards for CVI. I’ve got 30 to hand out so please come and find me. I’ll be at the chive party, the collectors panel area, and wandering around the exhibitor hall. I hope that this will help get the word out on the site. Thank you to all of those that have signed up already and have participated. I appreciate it.



CVI Badges

Last week, the CVI badges arrived for Sarah and I. When I first saw images of these, I wasn’t took excited for them as previous badges had some great stylized artwork. I realize now that these are just meant to be fun and showing various Star Wars characters like they are just having a great time, so they’ve grown on me. Besides, the badge is just a small part of it anyway, so it’s nothing worth making a big deal over.

In exactly 2 weeks now, I’ll be flying to Orlando!

Top Secret Button Revealed

I’ve been given the go ahead, from Chris and Aimee, to now reveal the final button that will be handed out at Celebration VI. I really love the way how Aimee’s art with this matches the figure likeness rather than trying to do a direct Mark Hamill likeness. I can’t wait to see this in person and this is most certainly going to be a cherished piece in my Luke Jedi focus collection. I think her entire line of buttons are going to be a huge hit among collectors and is a great way to kick off her side business in doing commission artwork.

CVI Exclusives

Going to Celebration VI? Well, will be giving away its first set of exclusives. All you have to do is seek me out during the convention to get one. There’s a few places that one might spot me. The first location will be The Star Wars Collectors Archive Party which will be Thursday night at the Rosen Centre. Second is the Vintage Room Sales that will take place each night, and third will be at the Collectors panel area during the convention. I’m sure the question you’re asking is, “So, what can I get if I find you?” Well, I’ll actually have a few goodies.

First, is the main button. It was designed by Chris Botkins and the text is presented in a nice POTF coin looking font/design, which has the site name and mention of Celebration VI. Also, in what I thought was a nice touch, the side of the button features the web address.
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