The Future of Collecting

There were some rumblings about a young fan at the show who had answered a tough trivia question about the Droids cartoon series that not many would know.

During one of the panels we had this fan sit right in front of us and we got to talking. He literally blew us away with the type of knowledge he had on not only Star Wars, but other 80’s toy lines too.

In fact here you can see him telling Chris about the origin of He-Man.



After that, he wanted to know what I collected, so I told him about the mail aways. He then proceeded to name off several of the vintage mailers asking if I had them. He also shared the story in why the rocket firing feature on Boba Fett was cancelled.


If this is the future of vintage collecting, then I think we have a bright future ahead. I hope he doesn’t mind me posting these videos and if you do please contact me and I’ll gladly remove them.

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