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  1. hello,

    congrats for your collection, I was waiting for you to complet this part, as I am a meccano collector myself.

    I am surprise not seing any biker macao, luke hoth scar pink face or walrusman green light. what about thoses?

    Some say on french forums or ebay sellers, there is also a meccano snaggletooth scar, vador raised bar, bib fortuna no coo. what do you think about this?

    what about this chewe and tusken allow tube? I didn’t knew about them?


    • Hey Stephane,

      (I guess its you?)

      So there is multiple question I try to answer my friend.

      First up are figures that are not unique to french trilogos. In case of the pink face Luke Hoth we can only assume it appeared also on PBP card (no proof does exist, but lots of loose examples found in Spain let us think so). The lightgreen Wally isnt a french exclusive no matter what Coo it has. Same goes for the Vader raised bar. This is obviously an “invention” of those making money with it. To my knowledge both raised bar Vaders can be found all around europe. Same goes for Snaggletooth etc. I dont know why people have the urge to label everthing, sometimes its just like it is: Spreaded all around europe. And we are lacking the proof where these were produced.

      In case of the Macao Biker I honestly have no clue why I have forgotten him. Shame on me! LOL

      The Chewbacca is an “invention” of mine! LOL. I tried to provacate with this to maybe get an result. This is the Chewie with the Glasslite Coo. As we can see on Luke Framboy these molds were used for french Trilogos, so this one isnt that far away I would say. Of course it is a guess.

      The Bib is a myth. I have one myself, but these can all be selfmade. We need you and othe MOC collectors to proof his existance, but with cape one what chance do we have??? ine btw is an erased Taiwan coo. This is a total absurdity. And in fact these all must have been erased by hand…another point why these are possibly fakes?!?!?!

      Again: Reading my coo article would help destroying all those myths! It is really outdated to think a Wally with “1” is Meccano whilst the other two no Coos stand for PBP and one for Palitoy. That is completely nonsense. Of course all three scars exist on all cards: PBP, Trilogo and French Trilogo/baggy.

      Forgot about hollow Tusken. this one has unique no coo and only appeared in France. All loose examples were found there. A very rare and superb coo variant 😉

      I hope this helps Stephane



  2. hello wolff,

    sorry for the mistake,it’s not stephane, it is nicolas, we met during the ratherchildish picture contest this year. I had the picture “an evening with the ewoks”. I took “chiktabba” nikname not knowing stephane was using it too, and I realised it after on forums. but he does have a different slelling. mine is from a french puzzle, his is from the card.

    anyway, thank you very much for those rare information. glad to see my questions where not so stupid 😉

    if you are looking for a macao biker, let me know.

    • Hello Nicolas,
      I remember you sorry for the confusion. We already talked via PM over on RS 😀 😉

      I once had three different Macao Bikers. I sold already two of them, but one is left and will stay here 😀
      But thank you for the offer.



  3. yes, we talked, you always give good advices 😉 actualy we already talked about this vador rased bar.

    There are two kinds of biker macao, with different space in the coo, but it’s a minor variation. got both in several exemplaire if you need.

    I am lucky because I found this morning this tusken no coo hollow tube near my house. but I also saw one on ebay in the us.

    I just bought also this morning an interresting boba fett, it’s an HK, but coo is very detailed, and it’s looks just like a meccano. the little symbol on the left of his head is a rectangle like the meccano version, and colors are the same. do you know this one? got pictures if you want.

    • Be aware with the Tuskens, there is lots of fakes out there. The no coo is unique to Meccano and not comaprable to the standard no coos.

      Yeah, Meccano figures dont have great differences in the paint job. They are 99% the same compared to some standard figures. t is mostly very minor differences. 😉

  4. yo wolff,

    It looks like I can write you a private message on rebelscum because you don’t have more space there 🙂

    would need your expert eyes on a figure, it’s a strange yoda, comes from harbert card apparently. Wonder if it could be a poch variant du to his strange marks on the back:

    are you going to european celebration in messen? unfortunatly I am working on sathurday until 1am, and I don’t think I will be in the mood for 5 hour of car next morning…




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