Khetanna – Part 2


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Overview of Khetanna – part 2:

6.0 THE INTERIOR (page2)



14 AUGUST 2014

The main parts of the undersurface are now glued on to it. Still missing the cables and wires and all the greeblies.

The landing gear meachnism is now in fix position when the ship is turned around and the stand works well now.

The landing gear seems solid enough, but as said I am not sure if it would hold over years. Still some tiny corrections to make, but nearly finsihed:

22 AUGUST 2014

Starting with the turbine. I used a POTF2 Landspeeder part I got by accident. I broke it into two parts to get kind of a propeller installed. Made out of CA caps (which was stupid because you can’t glue a CA cap with CA well). Added some wires and cables:

Then I started to plan the details. First I was trying to come as close to the ILM model as possible and the rest was kind of freestyle.

I also noticed that all the cables must be fixed by something because the whole thing is lying upside down? I couldn’t find any cable strabs or any construction that holds the wires and hoses regarding the ILM model, but decided to build something that looked like it could hold all the stuff and prevent it from getting lost in the desert of Tatooine….only seemed logical to “fix” those to the surface:

I then “tried” to prime those parts. I therefore used my airbrush the first time. I once tested it (after buying half a year ago) but seemed I hadn’t cleaned it very well so I had massiv problems in the beginning. Well…seems like I need to practice, practice and practise! I always used rattlers only, but I thought it is time to start with my airbrush….better now then making the first steps while coing the paint job.
Also the grey is way too light for my needs. I will also need to sand a few parts (lots of irregularities…please do not look too close) and I will do the priming again…darker and better hopefully.

The landing gear mechanism is again not working properly…I need to fix this also. But the lights are working fine, and the wing mechanism also works great.
I also added a comparison to the ILM model, not exactly the same angle but it does the job for now I hope.

I am not sure what’s up next? I had one goal for months: finishing the undersurface….still not all greeblies are up there and in my opinion the turbine is way too low….I shouldn’t be that visible while looking at it from the side. I think I will make a stop for now and try to plan the next steps.



I noticed some problems around the ship that occured with time, or things I haven’t thought through good enough. There is panels and one of the doors that deformed that much over time that I need to renew them. It was also not very wise to start the paneling step by step while making the front, the middlepart and the rear. Now that the hull is completely done one side is okay but the other side needs to be redone. I am not sure if completley or if I can get a good result with partially renewing the paneling yet. The deformed door is the main problem right now. I need to add 2,5 mm to the surface at one side. I will also need to add magnets to the doors and some other transitional areas because some parts start to bulge. I also did the throne too fast. I had some wood boards that were perfect for the job so I used them, but the ship-rear is now way to heavy.

I started to make the guardrails to the middle and rear part.

While making those I noticed other problems as well. I need to finish/change/renew/correct/attach first many, many things (stairway, pillars, floor and ceiling, transition parts, walls, the bar, lightning etc) before I can go on with the guardrails. The problem is everything is knotted to somethingelse that needs to be done first. So I wrote a list what to do (this normally helps) but my mind started spinning round I decided to just start from rear to front doing everything that needs to be done building elemnt by building element and step by step, if necessary right nor or not…..

First step was reducing the weight: I opened it from below and drilled out as much wood as possible and of course two times I came to close and the drill was through. A few parts broke as well.

The lighnting to the throneroom was done as well (part of it):

What I always wanted to do is making those partitions with windows inside the throne room. I slightly sprayed a see-through acrylic board and srcatched out the design.

The first window I finished was then sprayed with a fixative, just noticing that it ruined it all. The adhesive agent tended to solve the sprayed color. So I needed to break it up and do it again.
I also started to do the “claws” with Fimo:

They are now nearly finished, but while making those I forgot to calculate the “claws” and it will get very narrow in there reagrding the pillars. Wizam is a bid frustrated. Not sure if pillars and the new parts will fit in and even when they do it doesn’t look very well. I have to think about a solution.


Testing the setting with some figures and lightning:


The last three weeks was all about filling, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding….and so on. I also had to correct or refine some parts. I still need a new solution for the windows and some other parts as well….but enough with the boring parts.

I have finally completed the ceiling. First I needed to finally install the pillars, make a third one (I used my “proto”, shortened it and renewed some parts) and get that stairway installed. The stairway had heavy deformation to some parts. I filled and sanded…and filled and sanded…at least the most annyoing deformations.
Anyway, the pillar in the middle is exactly placed over the stand that is inserted below. So this pillar is very important. It gives the whole thing stability while beeing on the stand.
I also added another “Hutt” symbol to the ceiling paneling.
After trying and trying to get all parts accurate for assembling (middle part, rear, floor and ceiling) it finally works. Boy I can tell you…this was a tough job but everything matches fine now:

The hatch was also finally installed. The break through areas were finally encased and filled and sanded (etc)….

After breaking the throne and arm rest several times over the time I finally also dropped the whole thing… and it broke in pieces….again. After glueing and…..wait a second…. filling and sanding (yawn)….I also finally could prime the floor:

So finally the ceiling and floor are primed and are accurate for assembling:

So the inside of the barge to the rear and middle part is almost done. What’s missing now is the bar area. The “ending” from the playable inner barge to the front.
I started with simply backing the walls and the floor. Then I started to build the bar itself:

It is not yet finished but I am very happy with it for now. What is missing is the whole beer drawing system and of course I first need to prime soem parts before I can finally glue all parts. Also the light will be more yellowish…but you will see in the next updates…stay tuned!

08 OCTOBER 2014

On with the bar area. I started to build the back wall of this place. I wanted a rack for all the bottles that is backlighted. Also the Khetanna doesn’t end at this place, so a door should be there to enter the nose of the ship.
I took some “garden fences” to build the backlighted area. This was a real tough work. I glued the whole thing out of 32 pieces that needed to be cut and sanded before. Two shelves were integrated for the bottles. After that I framed the whole thing and installed it into the wall. Some panneling and a door was added as well:

I bought a Playmobil sink for the bar and integrated it as well:

For the backlighted area I bought a special acryl glas with high transmission (92%). I cutted off the top of the LEDs, drilled three holes into the acrylic and glued the LEDs into these. The corners were covered with aluminium foil. To the front a yellow sheet and a “milky” sheet will be added. The last pic shows a test of the lightning right now.

10 OCTOBER 2014

Beeing in a rush tonight: I finished the bar and the rack/wall. To say it short: Mmmmmmmmhhhh…..primer!!!

I haven’t made pictures of the progress, so I will describe it shortly.
– I finished the door with some corrections. After filling and sanding it was glued into the wall. I choosed to make the door a bit open.
– The rest of the wall was corrected then…some rough cuts to the back as well
– I mounted the different foils (yellow, milky) to the acrylic 8on the edges. I built a construction were the whole thing can be removed for priming and the color job.
– The rest of the wall was filled and sanded
– The sink needed some cover paneling. This and some repairs were done.
– The bar itself was taped were the lightning is placed. The thing was filled and sanded…then primed. After that I could finally remove the tapes, bring on the yellow foil and glue the top of the bar onto it.
– The bar and the wall were screwed to the floor. The whole piece will be inserted into the barge and stay detachable. Nose, the bar scene and the middle part are now important pieces of the transition and its stability.
– The “wire- problem” was solved. Some holes 8(some wrong, some right), some brazing and some wires and the two parts are connected now.

Here it is without light but primed (mmmmmhhhhh):

Here is some details of the the integrated sink (not glued yet):

Here some pictures were the platform is inserted into the barge:

And what is better then “mmmmh…primer”?? Correct: Primer plus lightning…..=”mmmmmhhΒ²”
(plus some bottles and stuff. These will get labels, beeing painted and I still need to do that beer drawing system…so stay tuned!)

16 OCTOBER 2014

I forgot to show you the additional pictures I made the next day. First thing I noticed when I came back from loading the batteries was: Klaatu was drunk and Weequay made the usual trouble…kids…eh??

Have I mentioned that the bar is also lid from behind?

So this will be the toughest update for me! We are moving again….that means no more updates for who knows how long. I promise to be back and finish this one day, but for now I have lots of other things to do. The ship is packed well into 5 boxes. I hope nothing breaks or gets lost.

See you in a few month!


05 JUNE 2015

Okay…wow…it has been forever I think. The last update is almost eight month back!!! Shocking!! I am very sorry for those who waited patiently.

Well moving went fine and nearly nothing broke (one window so far). I lost some sketches which is nothing to worry about but it lasted till I have rethought how I started to plan the handrails…which is a bit annonying.

Well today I just started….finally….and this update is really not that spectacular, but you can see: I am going on with it…the project is still alive!

Making the railing to the rear of the ship: I mainly use five layers of polystyrene to built the railing (glued together piece after piece so I don’t have to bend one large pice at once). The struts are made out of wood….the rest can be seen well in the pics I guess.

06 JUNE 2015

The railings are coming along nicely. They are roughly put together now and also roughly sanded:

I noticed a mistake today….well honestly it was three mistakes but I could corrrect two of those (only one pictured πŸ˜‰ ). The last one is concerning the railing to the middle part: I haven’t payed attention to the “curving” on the back regarding the front. It simply doesn’t match the front railing when I try to put the middle railing straight. I was almost mad because of it, but then I noticed the same on the ILM model….funny….seems they did the same mistake and also came up with the very same solution….more soon…

26 JUNE 2015

I worked a lot on the ship, but oh well… won’t see much progress. I decided to make an update to mainly show what I am going through and that I am really back to get this one finsihed.

First of all I made the railings to the middle part. The ship should stay detachable (front, middle and rear) so this one was a very tough one. I had to think of a detachable solution for this one with it still beeing stable and the transition beeing nearly invisible.

After that I finally found the time to correct some paneling that annoyed me now for month.

So with the railings complete the hull is defintely fix. No changes anymore. Time to get those transition areas done better. Lots of glueing filling and sanding….very time consuming.

Both doors are btw again full with waving and bending. I needed to correct those also. Again lots of sanding and filling and sanding. Also the nose must have had an issue while moving or later. The whole front is broken and was waving. I am still reparing it and hope this will never happen again. A lot of wasted time on this one. The cracks and the loosening mainly happend to the underground.So its not a serious problem but it needs to be fixed.

Also the transition to the underground needs to be done. The tunnel for the wires is as well detachable and I will need something to make this invisble. Here is some pictures of the progress.

While sanding and filling I thought again about the 24 movable windows. I still have a problem with those which I wanted to fix always before priming. The windows are to instable….too thin. They break when moved to often. So I once decided to glue a steel wire behind. The problem now is that those wires often get teared away because they are only palced at one side. I had to face it to remove them all and redoing them…this time all around…every piece is unique because every window is unique. This is most time consuming and I really really hope this time it pays off.

I really hope I have something more of interest next time. I am working on it, but finsihing the hull is the main goal right now.

08 JULY 2015

I am still in to fixing things that I made once and do not like anymore or even worse…it simply doesn’t work anymore.

First of all I started to renew the cables to the front deck. The guitar strings just look way better:

Next I was making the cable tunnels to the undersurface:

Then I tried to make some deatils to the hull. A small part for the ship but a lot of work:

More details for the hull:

In the meanwhile I was wotking again on the many problems around the hull. I really wanted to get at least the lower part of the back done. It was hours and hours of filling and sanding. But finally the door plus the lower back now seem nearly done. A few more hours and I might be ready for priming….

11 JULY 2015

Primer……mhhhhhh……so here is some beauty shots (whatelse to say besides that it was way too hot to get those parts primed. It got a bit “cloudy” which is in fact not really bad, but at least annoying. The dull parts are a bit rough and will be sanded and primed one more time I think):

12 JULY 2015

Time to enjoy what was already built!! Some shots of the ship how it looks right now.

I am already onto 4 more main parts (2 pairs each). There is still a hell of a work to do on the things that are already made, but I wanted to ” create” someting again….not only filling and sanding……
So here is a teaser:


17 JULY 2015

So here we go with completing the upper part of the ship. There is still lots of work that needs to be done.

We are starting with the masts. These were planned in size and location over years. This means I always thought about those. Now I just started making those…finally. I already had made some or lets say I started to build some and cancelled it. So this is actually the second try!

Indeed this masts are a crossover between the fullsize movie model and the ILM model.

What also is needed to finish the deck are the two hatches to the front. I never was sure about building those. These will get way to small to get figures through it because I wanted a playable toy in a size that is still manageable. So the hatches will be very small and are for no use (thinking about their use in the movie). But they are important to the look of the ship IMO and I will use them to get more light from above to the bar section inside. First up is some original pics followed by the building pics.

So all parts are WIP…I hope to get them finsihed soon.

22 DECEMBER 2015

Pheewwww…it has been a long time now. Well you know…life came in the way. Anyway I am back again to go forward and hopefully finish this project in 2017.

First I started to finish the hatches:

“But how in the world should I fit in there???”

It’s simple: no Kenner/Hasbro figure will fit in there like in the movie. This was the only way possible to make those happen (regarding the size of the ship)….so maybe some space to hide some weapons?

Next up is the nose. I needed to completley redo the undersurface. It all got wavy and bendy, it was a real mess….I tried to fix it but then decided to rip it off and do it again. Lots of work for looking the same now then in 2014…hahaha. At least the greeblies to the front are new now:

Also the cables and greeblies to the top deck were renewed. The hatch got a better closing mechanism (magnet) and while making that it broke into a hundred pieces. So the whole thing was redone….lots of sanding and filling…and so on:

Stay tuned πŸ˜‰

04 JANUARY 2016

Still trying to finish the nose. I started with the cables below. Found some old headphone parts I could use:

Next up is that missing cockpit. Finally I started a rough build….so the shape of it is now planed and by now almost done. It’s built for vintage and for modern figures. I think Klaatu and Weequay had a lot of fun?? Well the aim as always was to minimize the weight. So it’s a very light built.

Next up will be filler and sanding. Afterwrads the greeblies and such….plus lightening… πŸ˜€

Thanks for looking.

06 JANUARY 2016

First up is some detailing and checking how it fits in the ship:

Ready for the greeblies:

Some buttons and levers:

Cables and wires:

Still not finsihed, but a lot of fun πŸ˜€

Thanks for looking.

07 JANUARY 2016

This is really getting along fast.
First up I decided to cut off the front part of the cockpit. Otherwise I would be in real trouble painting it. So it’s now detachable with 4 screws holding it in place:

Finished the cockpit by now. The seat is an homage to the vintage AT-ST. The lever to the middle broke twice by now so it was replace by a metal lever. Some additional cables and the foot area was also completed:

After that I wanted to do the front part. Some screens were added. Some acrylic with scratched in forms does the job very well:

Now on with detailing this part of the cockpit:

Some ligthening check:

And finally the back part was primed…mmmmmmmmmmmhhh….I love priming πŸ˜‰

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

10 JANUARY 2016

The cockpit is now finished….well nearly. It is missing one more LED with glas fiber illumination for the arm panels. No material yet, so I will do this later.

I also primed the nose. Sadly my last rattler got empty while doing this, but it’s nearly done.

Cockpit and nose mounted together:

I will now go on with the middle part πŸ˜‰

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

24 JANUARY 2016

Starting with the middle part.
First up are some greeblies to finish the look from the side:

Next up was the break through for those hatches. These will be closed with some grills. Figures cant go through those hatches, so I am useing them to give some rooflight to the bar below.

Below I needed to do the walls and ceiling for the bar part which was actually added at a later point to lengthen the ship. I also noticed some inaccuracy to the door from inside that needed to be fixed…a lot of extra work sadly:

To finish the inner of the barge the bar also needed some floor paneling.

Almost done. The inside with sanded panelling to the walls, floor and ceiling:

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

31 JANUARY 2016

Primed the inner part and the bar section. Built in now with lightening…some beauty shots:

Finally added the last wires and cables to the middle part:

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

07 FEBRURAY 2016

This update is kind of of a mess. I missed out to take a few pictures and did lots of pics with actually no sense behind. Anyway…here we go.

First up was priming the sides of the middle part:

I then finally started to fix the mast to the deck. The mast is screwed into the square tube mounted to the top of the deck:

I needed to screw the ship together because three of four ends of the handrails broke. I glued them back in place with the ship mounted together. I also inserted some metal wires to make it more solid. I also changed the transition form the middle part handrail to front and rear because it broke all the time.

Some details to the handrail I made. Not screen accurate but makes it more stabil.

Testing with figure and cannon:

Some details I forgot:

And last but not least I need four gargoyles for the deck. Started with one main sculpt. Theses are mainly the same like on Jabba’s throne:

Next up are the Ishi Tib gargoyles (for the throne room). I did some sculpts based on the Hasbro figure just noticing they are waaaay too big. So I started an own sculpt (WIP):

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

20 FEBRURAY 2016

The middle part is finished…Wohooo!

First up was finishing the gargoyles. Did a mold, resin duplicates, made a ring and used some teethbrush color rings for the “frame”:

Celebrating the main hatch:

…and the other two hatches (waiting for the paint job to be glued to the ship):

Side window:

Bar inside:

Side door:

Middle part ogether with the nose: Some beauty shots.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

04 JANUARY 2017

Time is flying. This was a loooong break. Sorry for those who waited so long for this going on.

The last part of the hull should be next. Its mainly about the upper back part from the ship. I started with what I just noticed lately:

Looks like beeing a chain from an anchor in some way???

Getting on with the last panels to add to the hull (of course after puttying and sanding for hours…… πŸ˜‰ ):

Not movie accurate but sort of. I had to change and improve them to match my “shortened version”.

Adding some details to the rails (not sanded yet):

Also the broken strut from the movie modell:

And some overall shots from the back railings:

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

05 JANUARY 2017

Next up is the floor paneling to the back rear. Couldn’t find a movie or ILM picture so I got one invented:

Also the ladder and other stuff for the details need to be made:

Here is a comparison with a set shot (The gargoyles cant be seen in this shot but are there……remember my version is a bit smaller…. πŸ˜‰ )

Looking good so far I think:

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

14 JANUARY 2017

Here we go on with the deck. Still some stuff and details missing:

No on with the frustrating part: The deck-cannon.
I am working on the cannon from time to time since the beginning. Because it’s a toy and toy 3 3/4 inch figures should be used it was clear to me to use the Hasbro cannon. Therfore it was always important to include it in the planning also for the size. Here is some old pics:

So far so good, but the cannon always looked ridiculously oversized. I planed and built two sockets by now only to throw them into the bin.

So here we go again. Hasbro cannon modification: Most annoying to me was the back of the cannon and the very wide step to the side.

I also wanted the cannon still to fire the missiles, but the muzzles just looked wrong:

More modifictaions:

Buliding the base:

Proper end to the muzzles:

And now the worst case scenario. Some super glue found its way into the spring mechanism. The missiles don’t launch anymore. I tried to release it with a scalpel, but the knob broke into pieces. Then I tried to drill 1 mm holes into the mechanism to add wires to connect it to the knob again…more things broke…….that is kind of very frustrating because I can’t just dismantle the whole cannon without destroying most of the modifications…….I will need to think about this….for now it looks like this:

Comparison to Hasbro and the movie:

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

16 JANUARY 2017

Okay…plan A, B and C failed. I removed all the stuff releasing the mechanism. I went with the most easy solution: I drilled holes into the top and got some wires to realease the cannons while pushing down. this works for now and can be removed (just pull)…that’s good. The bad thing is: It wont work forever, at some point the top will break I think. Anyway…solution found for now and the knob will be placed in without glueing so I can make further repairs without breaking it apart.

New solution found also on the base. I always worked with blind rivets. But the base went into the bin to safe some height. And I have not enough thickness to the top deck …I would damage the inner ceiling. Anway…I came up with another solution that makes the deck cannon also removable any time while going safe and strong without dangeling: pin + magnets!

It’s all very close and narrow. that’s why the handles to the back of the cannon were shortened:

All worth the final product:

One quick shot….all put together

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

20 JANUARY 2017

On with the deck. Last paneling to the floor:

Details with cables for the gun:

Details to the back wall and the doors/windows behind:


Old problem: The paneling to the top inside is falling apart….ever since. The problem here is I have added those after priming. The glue and the primer don’t work well together it seems. After reglueing parts with super glue from time to time it all went worse plus they still fall down from time to time. I have to fix this before painting. Only solution seems to be doing it again: Removing the parts, sanding….a lot of sanding and glueing new parts.

A detail for the masts…sort of speakers/megaphones?

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

22 JANUARY 2017

Fixing the partitions with magnets. I need to remove them again for painting, so this is probably the best solution.

Forgot to add an detail to the cannon:

Finsihed the seiling from the throne room:

And now….finally all parts are primed and can be put together:

Next up: Finishing the two Ishi Tib gargoyles and fixing the Rancor statue.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

25 JANUARY 2017

Last bits and pieces. Started the Ishi Tib gargoyle some while ago:

Now up on finishing it. As already said…I am not really good in sculpting. But it does the job and its better in real life then looking on the pictures πŸ˜€

After duplicating some smoothing and primer:

Now all pieces are done for the rear part, just waiting for beeing assembled

Next up: assembled rear and some beauty shots (hopefully ;))

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

28 JANUARY 2017

Assembled rear……finally:

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!




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  3. This is the most amazing project I’ve ever seen. Such patience and great attention to detail!

    I don’t know if you do this kind of stuff for money (for other people), but if you do – I’m in!

    • Hahaha…thanks! I am thinking about maybe making a kit. But I will need help and ask around first. The whole thing could be too complicted, but at least I will ask some experts.

  4. Absolutely stunning work with astonishing attention to detail.

    The progress of this piece is fantastic to follow.

    The skill involved here is fantastic

  5. Once again, your Masterpiece is more and more impressive, I still believe it to be the greatest original handbuilt thing I have ever seen in the SW universe. Very inspiring to watch your patience and incredible eye to detail. Good things come to those who wait, especially in a project of this magnitude.

    • Wow…that’s a nice one. Thank you very much! I do my best getting better and better. It is funny to see how your own skills and your eye for detail evolve in time. Especially when working three years on the same project πŸ˜€

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  7. Only recently stumbled upon this project and just wanted to step by and congratulate you for a truly remarkable acheivement. I’ve searched the web for Star Wars custom builds for many years and this is probably the most spectacular model I’ve ever come across. I really hope those plans to make a commercial kit based on this model will get realized sometime in the future. I’m definitely interested in buying one for my personal collection should the oportunity arise. Keep up the good work!

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