After moving I had to stop unpacking.
I noticed: These figures will never ever fit in those 6 drawers again, not even if I build three more. In my old apartement they were stored everywhere: In drawers, boxes in every room, under the bed etc.
So I made a decision: It is finally time for some display. The planned display (my dioramas) are already planned too small again *roll* and they will be finished in …don’t know…2073 maybe???:D
So I thought of something more easy to build, something more simple. Here is my “testhot” ;). I hope you like it!
I built three steps out of foam and used polysterene boards to cover it. I made a mask to drill the holes in regular gaps and sprayed it black. I tried to get a good lightening and whenever possible hide the cables. I finally found beech wood in the correct size to make my pins. I also tried to invent sth simple for the figures without PEG holes. So far it all works out and figures still stand after really shaking that place 😀

I already have some issues with the lightening of the first row and some other smaller things to improve.
Now on with buying the stuff I need….to finsih this shelf as soon as possible!!

BTW: Not every figure I have will make it in the shelf. I will still need my 6 drawers, dont worry 😀

Here is some exclusive stuff…..only the best (and this is really hard on Luke i.e.):

Oli and other asked how the figures “stands” work! Here is some details:

As you can see all I needed is some wire for flowers (very dark green coated). The coating preserves from scratches. A wood pin (all in the same size: 3,2 mm…so I can swap figures like I wish to). Some “patafix” for the weapons that won’t hold in the hands…..and some tools. This is the most price efficient solution I could imagine of! Perfect if you ask me. I need to make the large pins black. The ones from the figures withouth PEG holes (see above)…then it is relly perfect. Very fast to build, cheap and is more safe then all other solutions. Seriously…it is better than stands. I shaked the shelf really heavy! 😀
Some more pictures:

Going now into mass-production 😀 😀 😀
Lightening and brazing: done
Cutting the foam and the poysterene for two more “steps”: done
putty the gaps: done!

Update with the Logo 😀


12 thoughts on “Display_2013

  1. Great work Wolff. The Display is looking fantastic! Goodness knows how you manage to get them all to stand up without stands 🙂

    Look forward to seeing it full 🙂

  2. Looking nice mate 🙂 Lighting against a black or very dark background is always best i reckon! Hope the new pad has plenty of display space for you 🙂

  3. Wow Wolff!!! That looks fantastic! I really, really like what you’ve got going mate! 😀

    Are the lights on a shelf under the risers? I can’t quite tell from your photos.

    Also, the shelf you took a picture of looks like it might be sagging in the middle a bit. Maybe it’s just the angle of the photo, but wanted to point that either way.

    Great setup my friend! I really like it and can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. Thanks Lee and Chris!

    @Lee: I agree. I love black or grey backgrounds. I will maybe put the SW Logo in the background….the one from the cardbacks I think. Lets see if I find something with such good resolution.

    Lol…no this is just the angle of the picture. It is a small corridor, so the camera does the “fisheye” ;).
    Here you can see how the lightening works:
    I used a triangle bar, painted it black and screwed it to the shelf board. On the picture you can see the shelf board up side down. The lightening is on the front, glued to the tringle bar. The triangle bar makes the lightening disappear if you stand infront of the shelf, but also makes the first row getting to less light :/.

    BTW: The triangle bar is the reason I cannot go further. I dont get this one (same size) here and have to wait till after christmas 🙁

    Cheers guys


  5. Hey Wolff. Happy Holidays my friend! Thank you for including me on your display pics. They are just incredible!!! The craftsmanship that went into these is museum quality! Lighting is awesome too. Your collection just shines in your pictures.
    : )
    -Steve (The_Dark_Artist)

  6. Thanks Steve and Oli!!!

    uhmmm….no sorry. No doubles in the cabinett…LOL.

    I can see your confusion Oli. I need to take better pictures. Hopefully soon! I also plan to make some with describtion: Uzay, Hung, Trem, Polish, LL, Poch, PBP, Tri, TT, Mec, etc 😉

    Happy new year to all of you!!! 😀 😀

  7. Wolff, as has been said already, those display cabinates are absolutely fantastic! The display really brings home the scale of your collection & I’ll look forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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