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Welcome to a new section of the “Variant Villain”. This little guide is dedicated to the variants of variants, named Lili Ledy. There is already lots of and also great information out there on Lili Ledy figures. To name only the best resource, please have a look at the TIG-Guide from Marco: LL Guide


This little guide has a closer look on different variants among the Lili Ledy figures. It is well known that i.e. Bib Fortuna was released with a burgundy cape and a greyish cape on “El Regreso del Jedi” cards, but there is a lot more variants on Lili Ledy figures. The reasons for the changes in colors, paint, plastics and used materials for the accessories are the poor quality control and maybe also Kenner, which was interacting from time to time if they weren’t satisfied with the results.
We also have changes in production from the ESB line to the ROTJ line and also from the only in Mexico released ROTJ line to the so called MIM (Made in Mexico) ROTJ line released in the USA. It is still not totally known what happened in which Mexican factory in certain time frames, but i.e. we have a lot of figures we can assume being from the early ESB line or some which seem to be mainly released only on MIM cards.

Speculations, degradation assumptions and very good fakes hitting the market and the community these days, so I personally suggest you to make up your own mind on those variants. To me those figures presented here are all real variants (if not stated different). People who have already a full set will hopefully love this. I personally had lots of fun gathering those and I have to say that Lili Ledy variants often differ much more then variants among the Kenner production.

I want to thank Ozio for his help on building up my collection on LL variants and for the time he spend to confirm samples I had found and always was willing to share his opinion, thoughts and knowledge. Thanks my friend, without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Bib Fortuna
C-3PO Rem Limbs
Cloud Car Pilot
Darth Vader
Emperor’s Royal Guard
Han Solo Bespin
Han Solo Endor
Klaatu Skiff Guard
Lando Skiff Guard
Leia Bespin
Leia Boushh Disguise
Leia Endor
Luke Bespin
Luke Jedi
Squid Head


There can be mainly found five different LL capes on Squid Head. The burgundy ones (more brownish whilst the second one is more reddish) seem to be the earlier versions. On those the same material like on the Bib Fortuna burgundy cape was used for the collar. It seems that the lighter one is just a faded version from the darker, more brownish one, but I personally think that this is not true. The lighter one is prone to fading and is often a bit “blotchy” and tends to get more orange, whilst the dark ones seem to be very immune to fading. I have never seen a “transition” cape or a dark one with partial sunlight damage. To me the color differences between those two are too obvious on all examples I have seen in years.
Next up are the non ribbed grey versions of the LL cape on Squid head. There is more brownish ones and more greenish ones. There are also different materials used on those for the collars. I have to check my examples again to be more specific.
The last one has a ribbed cape and typically appeared on MIM cards sold in the USA. It’s possible that this one also appeared on LL ROTJ cards sold in Mexico in the very late period.
Besides the capes the figures, accessories and coos can be the same on all. There are two slightly different coos and two different blaster molds and colors known.



You could assume there should be the same color variants on the Luke Jedi cape, because of the same fabric used like for the Squid Head capes, but besides the greenish one the colors are totally different.
On Luke Jedi we have mainly three colors used for the cape. The greenish one seems to be the exact same material used also for the Squid Head (see above). The reddish or more pinkish one, is the one most people associate with a LL Luke Jedi figure. On those I often noticed a very obvious greyish stitch to connect the cape on the throat. Last one is a greyish, more brownish cape.
The reddish one seems to be the only one that is cut a bit longer. In fact all three are much shorter then Kenner capes, but it also seems like the cut is always a bit different to the reddish ones.
I pictured mine with dark-blue and greenish-grey blasters, which is in fact wrong (as I know now). There is not one carded example known with the dark-blue blaster. These belong only to the AT-ST Driver.
Besides two slightly different coos there can only be one more difference noted: The facial details can be thin or thick sprayed. It looks like an accidental mistake while using the spray mask, but I have to say they are all fat or thin and they are all equal fat or equal thin. I tend to believe that something was changed (spray mask?) at some point while producing.



Bib Fortuna is the only part of my Lili Ledy collection which I urgently need to upgrade. I’m sorry for showing not so good conditioned examples, but I’m working on it.
First up is a coat that can be called “brownish”. So far it is the only cape I have seen in this color. It could be dyed or washed wrong at some point, so I’m not sure if this is the real deal. I purchased this coat loose and you might have already noticed that the figure I put that coat on is not Lili Ledy.
Next up are two greyish versions of the coat. The right one I would call more greenish. Both colors are pretty common in my opinion. The color of the lining and of the threads also differs a bit.
The one on the far right is the so called “burgundy” coat. Its condition is really not very good but therefore it’s one hundred percent original. The burgundy capes are the earliest version from the LL Bib Fortuna. It is said that Kenner intervened at one point so that the color was changed. It can also be noted that the material is different compared to the later versions. The burgundy coat is the only one with a “fluffy” texture on the outside. This change could have happened because of the “fluff” tending to get lost. The burgundy coats are not very immune to wear as can be seen perfectly on the shown example.
The figures themselves are known with two slightly different coos and different facial details, which follow no certain order.



A very similar fabric was used for Han Endor coats compared to the Bib Fortuna coats. It looks like it is only used reversed and additionally sprayed with “camouflage” texture. But the Han cape has a fluffy lining that only was used for the burgundy coat Bib Fortuna. So the material in general differs a bit regarding the LL Bib Fortunas.
Two differently colored fabrics can be noted on Han Endor. A brownish one and a greyish one are known. These colors are not result of fading or being dirty. Both my examples are mint and I have seen a lot more of both variants in years. It can be also noted that the brownish one always has a much darker tone used for the camouflage.
It is said that Han Endor also can come with a blue blaster, but to me the only correct blaster going with this figure is the black one.
You can also note two different heads on those pictured above. Facial details, the color of the hair as well as the color of the plastic seem to be really different.



Mainly four different skirts can be found on Klaatu. The materials differ on the skirt itself as well as on the sewn-on belt.
On the left we have two version of the “fluffy” skirt. One comes with a leathery belt and the other one has a simple fabric sewn on. Both of these should be the earlier versions, because none of them can be found on MIM cards. In general most MIM cards contain LL Klaatus combined with Kenner skirts.
Next up are the two versions with the “flat fur”. These can be also found with a fabric sewn on or with kind of leathery material “added”. This “material” is often very tacky and seems to shrink in time. I really could bet that the belt on my example was once completely covered with that tacky stuff and now you can see the fabric through at some points. Interestingly exactly this version can be found on some PBP and some MIM cards, but is at the same time the most rare skirt variant. It’s extremely hard to find one with that leathery tacky stuff still on. That’s why we could assume that the other version is just a damaged version where the leathery layer has totally gone. In my case the two examples are also very different in color regarding the flat fur skirt itself what makes it difficult to say for sure if they were once the same or if LL really produced those with and without leathery layer.
It can be noted that there is also fluffy skirts (version 2) with that kind of leathery belt known. It’s all very confusing, but I think future investigations will show if there is five, four or only three versions existing.



Mainly three variants can be found on R2. There is mixed up figures existing of all kind, because while changes in production happened, lots of overstock parts have been used and got mixed up. There are three different torsos, three different screws and three different stickers known and I think I have now the pure and unaltered three variants which matching screw, sticker and torso.
I’m starting with the figure in the middle. It is the infamous “1978 R2”. This figure has a unique no coo with date stamp 1978 and is by farest the most rare LL figure I think (not counting the attached hood Jawa). It is assumed that this example was already released on the “Imperio Contraataca” cards. The dome is unique and there was a very dark blue color applied. There are also other unique features to the screw, the back of the dome etc which I’m keeping as a secret to make it harder for scammers to fake this one. I was able to confirm all those identifying points on all four examples known till today. I want to thank especially Ozio for his help on this.
What can be added is that all examples I have seen have the same sticker variant (see below) applied to the torso. I would say that this is the only correct figure for that sticker variant. I have seen it on one or two others but to me these are mixed up figures produced while production changed and some old overstock was used.
The left R2 has the “hard torso”, the brass colored screw and the sticker variant with the missing blue paint. The right R2 has the “soft torso”, the silverish screw and the sticker with the greenish grey instead of light grey areas. There are also three slightly different coos known to the HK marked R2s on both, the hard and the soft torsos.
After years of research these are the three figures with the correct matching features all around: torsos, screws, stickers and domes as it should be.

This is a picture which shows the comparison of all three LL sticker variants. First is the one with the missing blue paint (see the red circle). The second one has really light grey areas (see arrow). The picture doesn’t show this very well, but they are indeed grey, not white. Last one is the sticker variant with the greenish grey areas printed on.



There are three main color variants known to Lando Skiff Guard. I personally needed years to find all three in near pristine condition, because Lando always seems to be very played with. There are two colors to the plate on the chest and three colors to the shoulder and wrist armor known.

The version in the middle is the one that can be found mostly on MIM cards. The armor is painted in a silverish, more metallic way. The same chest armor can be seen on the example to the left, but the shoulder and the wrist armor are painted in a golden tint. The third variant to the right has silver armor all over. It could be possible that there is also a golden chest armor out there, but till today I haven’t seen one. What I have seen are mixed up versions of the figure in the middle and the figure to the right. It can be said again for sure that at some point while changing the colors newer and older parts got mixed up during the assembling process.

You can also note that the helmet shown to the left is much browner and darker then the other two helmets. I’m not sure if those got mixed up between those LL figures, but all three helmets are for sure real LL helmets. There are also slightly different facial details and slightly different boot colors on those. The color of the plastic the torso is molded of can also vary a bit.




Leia Boushh can be found in two different shades of brown. Both versions are still darker compared to Kenner. Compared to each other there is a lighter and a darker brown paint used to the torso, limbs and even head.
The unpainted helmet is an overstock piece and was never released on card in this way. To me these Lili Ledy unpainted helmets are worth being collected and became a well known “variant” (although it is none) among the Lili Ledy community (comparable to the darkbrown LL Luke Bespin heads).



Klaatu Skiff Guard is known with unpainted and with a black painted hood. The numbers of the unpainted hoods are quite to high for being a factory error, so I would call this one a legit variant.
Both hood versions can be found with different shades to the brown paint on torso and legs. Presented here, are two quite different shades to the front. The figure to the right has a different painted back part of the torso which is from a different stash and got mixed up in factory.



On C-3PO lots of different variants can be found. It seems like the Lili Ledy factory was kind of doing experiments on the right gold finish but never reached the perfection from the Asian factories. The slotted screw instead of a rivet was used on every of those variants.

You may have noticed that normal C-3POs are sonic welded like other normal figures. So why using a rivet on those? Well the answer could be the chroming process: The figures were chromed after being sonic welded. While chroming you have to “hold” them in a place that gets not chromed then. If you use a hole in the back of the figure to put it with kind of a hook into the “bath”, this hole isn’t chromed and can then be closed with a “shining” rivet.
The LL factory seems not to have understood this process. On some figures an additional hole in the back can be found and mostly the screws are chromed also, which means they haven’t used the original hole in the back of the figure while chroming it.

Pictured above are the four main variants of those Lili Ledy produced 3-POs. You have three main colors present: dull gold, shiny gold and silver. The fourth C-3PO has another Coo (3-line HK) and seems to be an early release. The 3-line C-3PO can also be found in various gold tints.

This pictures shows that many more shades of gold are possible. My personal opinion on those is that it could be endless to hunt every shade down ever produced in the LL factory. There is by the way no differences between the so called “PBP” C-3POs and the LL produced ones, because the ones found in Spain are just imported from Mexico. The Spanish 3POs have not one unique feature compared to the Mexican ones, neither Coo, gold tint nor certain dents.

As you can see on the picture above the chroming process in Mexico was also problematic to the “hidden” areas. The “butt” always is lacking chrome and therefore was over sprayed with a bronze spray.
I also pictured two details with a golden C-3PO and a silver one compared to one where the bronze spray simply was forgotten.

The variety of different Coos and dents on the back is as huge as the different shades of silver and gold. The main ones are:
– HK Coo with dent next to the Coo (see first row)
– HK Coo with hole in the back
– 3-line HK Coo

Pictured to the left are two different heads “used” for the LL C-3PO, a slim head and a fat head. Of course different parts can get mixed up in a busy factory. So indeed the “fat” heads are just mixed up heads from the C-3PO with removable limbs. The same can happen of course to the C-3PO with removable limbs: C-3PO Rem Limbs

So to me these are factory errors. If you like Lili Ledy variants it is of course worth watching for a fat head variant and also for a slim head on C-3PO with removable limbs.




On Vader there are two main variants. The early version has HK Coo. This must have been changed in time. What can also be noticed is that the early version (to the right) is made out of a paler, more greyish and a bit violet looking plastic. It is very hard to picture this, but it is really obvious when you hold them both in your own hands.
There are also two different capes known on Vader. Both are pictured above. You can read more about those capes in the article released by Ozio:
Ozio’s Report On LL HK Vader

I was also able to find two different sabers. One has a letter to the hilt the other one not. Im not sure if these belong to certain versions (HK, No Coo) and would mostly guess that the ones with out letters are short shots or from very used molds.



The LL Jawa was also produced in many variations. You can already spot two different stitching colors on the ones pictured above: a light one and a dark one. There should be also a version with an attached (sewn on) hood. If it is real it must be very rare and maybe a very early version.
To the right you can see the main variant on the eyes. There is duller, darker sprayed eyes, as well as very bright yellow sprayed eyes existing.

On the bandolier three main colors are known to exist: A grey, a brown and a reddish one. The brown one always is very glossy and seems always to go with the very bright sprayed eyes. The reddish one is the rarest of all those.



The variants on Han Bespin I nearly like most. This is not the first time the Lili Ledy factory has done even better then other factories in the world.
Pictured above are the two main variants. There are two different Coos known: No Coo and MIHK. Whilst the No Coo version with dark brown pants, over painted ears and black hair is very well known, the MIHK version is pretty much unknown. The legs are made out of a lighter brown plastic and sometimes the belt buckle at the back is also painted. This is really an improvement compared to other produced Han Bespin figures. The spray mask used for the belt buckle at the back differs totally to the one used for the front torso. So this one is unique and was made exactly for that belt buckle at the back.
This was sadly changed very soon, so that most MIHK LL Han Bespins lack this wonderful feature. The MIHK version must have been a very early version and is especially with both painted belt buckles extremely rare.

I accidentally didn’t use the correct weapons these came with. The MIHK one came with a black Bespin Blaster which could of course be mixed up. I’m not sure if any of these Han Bespins ever were released with a black blaster, but on the other hand there were even heads mixed up in LL factory (see C-3PO).



There were two totally different versions of the LL Leia Bespin released. The China one, which is very well known, and a assumed very early release with nearly blonde hair and MIHK Coo. I saw a picture of that blonde Leia ten years ago and was searching for one more then 5 years.

The funny fact on that story is, that this Leia was used as comparison model for a LL China Leia on a picture and I could luckily buy them both. After I examined it and told others from the existence more were found in Mexico especially by my friend Ozio:
Ozio’s Report On LL MIHK Leia Bespin
In my opinion there is no doubt that this is an early LL release. It is still very unknown and also extremly rare and unique.



Pictured above are the two main variants on the LL Cloud Car Pilot. He came with a grey or silverish painted belt and holster. There are figures known that were produced while changing the color and got mixed up parts i.e. silverish hips and grey painted torso.
Please note that only the left figure was pictured with original LL accessories. The right figure was completed with the “dark” Kenner accessories and you can see that the difference still is huge.



The Luke Bespin was released in two different versions. The early version has smoothed no Coo and very light blonde hair whilst the later version has mustard brown hair and raised bar No coo. The third version pictured here is made out of an original overstock head from the LL factory and a regular raised bar no Coo torso. These very dark brown heads were never released but survived as bigger overstock find and were “puzzled” together with regular LL figures many times. There is no proof of one figure originally put together by the LL factory with the dark brown colored hair. Nevertheless it became a standard “variant” in LL collecting and I must admit it looks just great.

The early version not only has a different mold and hair color it has many other unique features. The blonde hair color is unique among all produced Luke Bespins as well as the unpainted hip (see picture to the right) combined with sabre hilt “attached” to the belt. Of course the so called PBP Luke Bespins can have unpainted hips too, but none of them has the hilt “attached” to the belt. It can only guessed if the Luke Bespin with blonde hair came with the same weapons as the mustard one, but it is assumed that the blonde version came with a unique “Rebel Blaster” pictured above.



There are two main versions of Yoda known: the regular one with No Coo and strong/dark green head and a very different version with HK Coo, lighter limbs and brown painted eyes. The earlier version could also be confirmed on a LL MOC by now:
Ozio’s Report On LL Yoda
Of course there is also Kenner versions known with brown painted eyes, but these always have a much lighter head and painted hands and feet. This early LL version is as unique as its follower. A very rare and sought after variant at the moment.



There are also two main variants on LL Leia Endor. For a long time the paler poncho was called discoloured/faded, but lots of MOC examples show that there are simply two different colored ponchos in existence. This is also not unusual if we think of other capes and cloaks like Han Endor, Bib Fortuna, Squid Head and Prune Face. I have no doubt the two ponchos pictured here are as they left the LL factory.
Leia Endor was also released with either a blue or a grey “Leia Pistol”.






Together with Teebo, this is the rarest of all Lili Ledy standard figures in my opinion, especially with original LL accessories. We can find C-3PO removable limbs with HK Coo and with No Coo.
Both LL figures are made out of the typical white plastic and both versions have “Kenner” pendants although this is pretty much unknown. The No Coo version from “Kenner” is even more rare then the LL version.
A myth that just seems not to die is the existence of a LL removable limbs C-3PO with no Coo raised bar. Lili Ledy never produced a raised bar C-3PO.

Both Coos can be found with either a “fat” or a “slim” head. The slim headed ones can be called factory error, because a wrong head, the head from the fixed limbs C-3PO, was accidentally used. For more see: C-3PO



The ERG came with two different slitted cloaks it seemed. But after examining more closely ROG found out that the cloaks on the LL ERGs are not glued and can be rotated easily. So it can not be proven how these left the factory until a carded one turns up with the slit the other way around. But even then you can “configure” every ERG like you want it. So this needed an entry, but cannot be called variant anymore.
Also difficult is the staff on that one. There is dark grey ones and light grey ones. The mold is present as Kenner produced staff also. The dark grey ones are easy to spot, but the lighter ones can be always Kenner ones too. Most carded examples that survived show the lighter staffs.



Logray can be found with several stripe colors to the fur. Even the color of the torso (the color the plastic is made of) can differ heavily. I have pictured a dark brown one and a very light brown one. The medium brown one to the right came directly out of a damaged MIM baggie and therefore still is very tacky.
Logray is in my opinion the most often Lili Ledy figure you can find and therefore was produced in the highest numbers of all LL figures. There is probably many more fur colors out there.



Teebo is again one of my favourites on Lili Ledy. It is, together with C-3PO removable limbs, the hardest figure to get complete (only counting the standard LL figures). I have pictured two totally different versions which can be both only found in Mexico.
What you can notice first is the different fur color (lighter and darker stripes) and the slightly different color to the “leaves” on the hood.
On the picture below you can also notice the main difference very quick: the eye color.

The Teebo on the left has grey eyes and the Teebo to the right has very brown eyes. Both eye colors, as well as both fur colors, are unique compared to all “Kenner” produced figures.


Research is very time consuming, as well as making pictured guides. If you like what you see here on the “Variant Villain” and if it is of great use for you, then feel free to donate a little amount to keep this website alive. Thank you very much.


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  1. Seven Figures up on the Lili Ledy guide!
    Squid Head
    Luke Jedi
    Bib Fortuna
    Han Endor
    and Lando Skiff

    I hope you like it and its of some use for you all.


    Wolff (Wbobafett)

  2. Fantastic overview, Wolf!!! Where is the LIKE button?
    I enjoyed reading the entries a lot. The background information about the chroming procedure for C-3PO was very interesting.

    Keep on the good work!


  3. Great work Wolff. The list grows & grows. Will you be adding definitive information to identify Ledy weapons & accessories?

    • Hey Tim,
      thank you! This guide is more dedictaed to the variants among the Lili Ledy figure. For identifying Lili Ledy weapons, accessories and figures I think there isn’t much to add to the guide from TIG. 😉

  4. Hi mate

    Really nice guide. Are you able to do some pictures of the two different blasters for the Ledy Squid Head? Or send me some by email? The TIG guide only shows one.


  5. Hi Wolff

    Great site!

    Are you able to do some pictures of the two different blasters for the Squid Head? Or email me some?
    TIG only shows one.



  6. Excelente trabajo!!! en verdad se aprecia tu gran esfuerzo de investigación.
    Dame tu correo y te mando foto de un Lando Bespin LL con COO HK, no China!!. Se que es LL porque lo compré hace 31 años y tengo su cartón original LL del Regreso del Jedi.


  7. Hello, How can you tell if the 3-PO’s are from LL factories. I have three raised bar bagged figures and want to find out if they are LL.

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  12. This is a great guide, trying to work out the history on a C3PO I have.

    Pretty sure it’s a LL variant. Removable limbs, slim head, silver finish. But it has green jewel eyes. Ever heard of this?

  13. Hi Wolff,

    It’s regarding the Infamous R2 1978. Is there a way to have more info ? Could I be in contact with OZIO ?

    It is the infamous “1978 R2”. This figure has a unique no coo with date stamp 1978 and is by farest the most rare LL figure I think (not counting the attached hood Jawa). It is assumed that this example was already released on the “Imperio Contraataca” cards. The dome is unique and there was a very dark blue color applied. There are also other unique features to the screw, the back of the dome etc which I’m keeping as a secret to make it harder for scammers to fake this one. I was able to confirm all those identifying points on all four examples known till today. I want to thank especially Ozio for his help on this.

    Mine has a HK Coo and the body look’s like a standar R5 .


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