Boba Fett

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First up is the coo chart. There is 3 Main mold-familys known. Because of the coo placed on both legs you have always four combinations that do exist on every main coo. So if you collect only coos you can go for 20 different coos on Boba Fett.

  1. Mold-family: TAIWAN
    The Taiwan coos are of course easy to spot. You can find them with “year” down and up as well as “Taiwan” up and down.
  2. Mold-family: Large HK –> No coo (smooth)
    These HK coos have a large copyright symbol. You can see the differences best, when you compare the distance between “1”and “9” and “O” and “N”. The no coo differences can be best spotted if you check out the lenght of the pleat marked in the picture.
  3. Mold-family: Small HK –> No coo (scar)
    These HK coos have a small copyright symbol. You can see the differences best, when you compare the distance between “7”and “9” and to have a look how “Hong Kong” is lined. The no coo is the most easy one to differ: It has a “single” scar or a “split” scar.


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You can see here the mold-differences on Boba Fett. From left to right you have mold-family I. (TW), II. (large HK –> smooth no coo) and III. (small HK –> scarred out). The differences can be best spotted on the knee and the head.


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  • TW Boba Fett: He has a unique mold and a very dark visor and belt.
  • Small HK Fett: There is two versions of this one. The “normal” looking with lightbrown belt and visor. And the one with light limbs and a very dark visor and belt. This variant is of course discolored (limbs) but it can obviously not be found in an undiscolored version. So you wont find a Fett with that kind of paint applied without faded limbs. What makes him unique to me is more the dark visor and belt paint…not the light limbs, but they simply go together. There is also lots of faded limbs Fetts with lightbrown paint. these I dont consider a variant, because you can also get those unfaded.
  • Large HK Fett: This one is pretty close to the “normal” small HK but has slight different colors and another mold. The second one shown has yellow paint on it. This is for sure disolored but the very strong green (“gras green”) has only been found with those yellow caps. So maybe after all this is sth that also just goes together.
  • Smooh No coo: The so called “Meccano” Fett was only found on Trilogo cards released in France. This is one of those variants which is not really special regarding the paint apps, its more the myth and “sought after” status what makes him really special. He is definatley rare. Every other produced Boba Fett figure was released in really higher numbers.
  • Hungarian Version: The toughest of all hungarian bootlegs (besides a complete Vader “open hand”) with original hungarian crossbow.


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The picture shows Lili Ledy and “Trilogo” Fetts

  • Lili Ledy Fett: There is two versions known. Belt and chest colors can differ a bit. The next differences are the rockets. They can be loose or fixed (with glue). The consensus on those Fetts with loose rockets is that they are more likely a factory error than a variant.
  • Trilogo Fetts: Beeing one of the latest produced Fetts, there is a ton of varinats on those. They can have unpainted/painted knee, unpainted/painted wrist dart, different colored belts, visors etc.

Shown here are the main 5 variants that can be found IMO. Lightbrown unp dart/p knee, darkbrown unp dart/p knee, darkbrown p dart/p knee, darkbrown unp dart/unp knee, darkbrown p dart/unp knee.


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What you can see here is a comparison of the painted and unpained parts of the “Trilogo” Fetts and their beltcolors.
Unpainted knee compared to painted knee as well as unpainted wrist dart compared to painted wrist dart. You can also see that there is different shades of orange to those.
The thjree main beltcolors are shown next to it. There is a dull lightbrown, a dull darkbrown and a glossy darkbrown near black. The “black” one is called the real “PBP” varaint, which I doubt and which cannot be confirmed! If one of those is really produced in Spain then all are produced in Spain and where exported. That would mean that all could have appeared on spanish cards as well.


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This is a comparison of the visor and chest colors:

  • The “Taiwan” has a very dark visor.
  • The “small HK” can have very different visor colors (lightbrown and darkbrown).
  • The “large HK” is very close to his “Meccano” brother.
  • The “Lili Led”y has the darkest head color and at the same time the lightest green on its chest.
  • The “Trilogo” variants can be found with very light till near black visors.