Lili Ledy Guide

And another new section here:

I proudly present “A Littel Guide To Lili Ledy Variants”.

This little guide is dedicated to the variants among Lili Ledy produced figures!

I hope you enjoy it and the guide is for some use to all of you.

Wolff (Wbobafett)

7 thoughts on “Lili Ledy Guide

  1. Hey Wolf, it’s Dennis from SWFUK/RS/… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I come here frequently to check for updates, I really dig your Lili Ledy section. Amazing selection of Squid Heads/Jedi Lukes. I am currently seeking to collect more Lili Ledy figures.

    Talk again soon

  2. Thanks for your comment Dennis. Very appriciated and nice to hear from you!

    I hope to update soon, so you can dig more ๐Ÿ˜€

    Talk soon my friend


  3. i have recently purchased 3 baggies from the states .the seller was an antique seller and just listed the baggirs as of which was a tape seaed jawa.i wanted to see the jawas face but the hood covered i pulled it back in the baggie and was surprised to see he had the lemon eyes of a ledy i opened the tape and slid him out. thinking this was a reseal . only to find that he was mint with a stitched on hood and a mint dark brown rough cape .along with a very rough blue /gray blaster. since opening the figure yesterday i have read on a forum these are very early rare examples.has anyone else found one thanks alan

    • Pictures would be great. Till today only one loose and one carded example showed up as far as known to the community. The “stitched” on hood LL Jawas are made from the same fabric as the removable hood Jawas. If yours has a “normal” or standard Kenner clothcape, then I would say that it is LL factory overstock mixed up with Kenner parts. These baggies mostly showed of in GB, but I never heard of a bagged Jawa before.



  4. Hello Wolff!!! I am Roberto from Spain, i think i have many Poch figures so maybe i can send you pictures and you keep helping us!!!! I am learning a lot with you.
    I am sure that many figures are Poch because i bought them when i was a child.
    Congrats, its a wonderful site to learn.
    I am sure that all of you will forgive my Tarzan English!!!!

    • Hallo Fabian,

      I do not know exactly on what you disagree, so I can’t answer properly on it.

      As said there is three main variants on those. Three coos, three srews and three stickers. While production changend all variations of these are possible. You can surely find all mixed up versions. In the Lili Ledy factory nearly everything is possible ๐Ÿ˜€


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