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The site is getting expanded!!

An article about COOs is now also availible here!

I hope you enjoy the read!


Wolff (Wbobafett)

4 thoughts on “COO Article

  1. Hello Wolf,
    thank you for all the informations on loose figure. I have few interesting figure I would like to show you to have your opinion, a bobafett with two color belt (dark and light) and general hoth with arms of hoth soldier. how can I send you those pictures. thanks;
    by the way, nice picture “the encounter” on ratherchildish, mine is an evening with ewoks 😉

    • I send you a pm via RS.
      Your Fett is probably a Trilogo one and it is usual that those got mixed up with light and dark brown belt parts.

      Your RC with RS limbs is 100% a custom job. It is easy to swap limbs and head if you know how to do that. 😉



  2. Hi wolff! My name i Dylan i live in california in united states ive been collecting since i was a kid but full time collecting for almost 3 years. I bought a hoth trooper off ebay about 2 years ago and when i got it had the paint mold spots on it. I learned about the spots from your site and i have been buying what i believe to be poch/pbp figures. I have ammassed quite a few figures some easy to id but have few that i would like to show you and see what you think. I read all the time on how rare they are in the states but some of the figures i had from a child are poch figures. But would really love to get your opinion. Please let me know if you are available to check out my poch collection. Love your site and Thank you for all the info you provide!
    Thank you

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