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Welcome to Vintage Dental Health!

My aim for this site is to act as a guide to all things related to vintage Star Wars dental health. Not just the toothbrushes, but store displays, advertising, packaging variations, offers and much more. I want to use this platform to shed some light and document the different items that are out there associated with this fascinating and underrated line of items.

Check back soon for more updates!

One thought on “Coming Soon!

  1. Wow Chris, I totally missed this! Great reference site on a barely noticed topic. I never knew how much there is to collect on toothbrushes.

    If you ever see some German ones you need, just drop me a line and I will always be there helping you out on a deal! Maybe I should check the German classifieds more foten for these. You are looking for sth certain (German wise)?

    Best and kudos


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