Celebration Anaheim Exclusive Patch

IMG_2952 I’m pleased to announce my involvement in a patch giveaway for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Myself and 6 other collectors have sponsored the creation of a puzzle patch, that when combined, form the vintage Darth Vader Carrying case. Each patch piece has one of the vintage Kenner logos that were used throughout the life of the toy line from 1977-1985. My particular piece is The Power of the Force logo. I’ll have 25 of these patch pieces available each day at celebration to give out.

Last celebration,  a lot of people went patch crazy, so if that is the case again, you better find me early in the morning. I’ll be easiest to find roaming the exhibitor area or in the location of the collector panels. I could very well be with another one of the sponsors or two which will help knock out a few pieces at once as well. 🙂

Below is a photo of my patch and the full assembled case.

Full information on who to look for to find the other pieces is available here on rebelscum.



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