Firstly may I request that NO discussion takes place on this thread as it is intended to be solely a guide & for everyone’s help, this can only be achieved if it is easy to navigate, so your cooperation would be appreciated.

For discussion regarding the items on this thread & any help in construction of the guide please may I ask that you post in the thread linked below thank you –


Or do please feel free to Private Message me on here.

I aim with a lot of help to in time create a comprehensive guide to all baggie related items which will include all baggies not just Kenner (U.S) issued ones like the former SWCA guide –


Baggies were available in many ways, primarily in America in the form of store mail order multipacks like the one below, which spanned the entire film era from SW to ROTJ & were available from US stores like J.C Penny & Sears ETC –


I will go in to detail about these further on in the guide after I have covered the individual figure/baggies & single figure mailers, so the guide will cover in this order (please see list below), please bear with me as said it is a work in progress & will be added to as & when I can & as & when the information becomes available –

1. First individual baggie
2. Single figure mailers
3. Multi-packs
4. Special offer items Kenner US/Canada & Toltoys Australia
5. almost forgot! – popy’s 😛
6. fakes & what to look out for

They were also packaged together with ships & play-sets toward the end of the toy line when sales had dropped off & many companies like Kenne/Palitoy/Toltoys etc were wanting to try to sell off all their remaining overstock.

This will be a very long road to travel but one I feel really is needed if we are ever to overcome the stigma of the “Billy Boy Scam Monkey Rodgers” incident, a man who has sadly single handed brought any non US issued baggies into disrepute, not idea why TBH though as from all the reading I have done to date he only did fakes in 1 baggie type (Palitoy-a – see below link) & also the Woolworths 8 figure 99p special buys multipacks, but 90% of baggies collectors seem to feel that if it ain’t US issued it ain’t worth collecting & is most likely FAKE, this is one of the major hurdles this guide is going to face I am sure.

The Revised Kenner baggie Guide – PENDING CONSTRUCTION


Basic rough guide that I did to None US issued baggies that is still a work in progress


There are a great many baggies circulating that are not covered by any form of guide to date & it is these I hope to shed a little more light on, there are also a great many fakes floating about, another point I will be going in to at length in hopes to save others from falling foul of some of the expense & disappointment/frustration I have had when first getting in to collecting baggies.

Remember baggies are one of the easiest items to fake for the untrained eye, so ALWAYS be on your guard when buying a baggie type you are not familiar with or a figure that has not to date been found in that baggie type, if there is a market that is profitable, there will always be those unscrupulous sellers willing to cash in on it for a quick buck.

This is intended to be an “open ended project” that I & with luck YOU will be helping to make into a definitive reference over time.

Here are a few IMO useful links to start the thread in the right direction, if anyone who had made any of the below threads/guides has any objections to them being linked to, please inform me via PM & they will be removed.

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& another new one if you want to hurt your head regards font variations added 9/7/16


There is a tonne of information I will keep adding to this first post, so do keep checking back on the first page as I have a lot more to come, but am a little short on time & thought 😆 today, though nothing new there.