Welcome the the definitive page for Return of the Jedi 2 packs.

As the Return of the Jedi line was winding down, Kenner was left with an overstock of action figures. They needed to move figures out quickly and cheaply. The ROTJ 2-pack was the result.

The 2 packs were released to Kay-Bee toy outlets towards the end of the ROTJ line, somewhere around 1984 or 1985. Figures, packaged randomly, often lacked weapons and were even placed upside down. The bubbles were very cheap and are today almost always found smashed and/or cracked. It is interesting to note that the bubbles have a special “2 compartment” shape in which one compartment is bigger than the other. This would make it possible to include a normal sized figure (such as General Madine or Han Trench) along with a larger sized figure (such as a Gammorean Guard).

The low-level quality of these multipacks doesn’t end there. Even the blister card seems to have been photocopied from a standard ROTJ card. The back, usually sporting the latest number of action figures released, is a plain cardboard backing. It contains no writing or graphics whatsoever.

Logically, in these packs you will find more ROTJ series figures, so it is somewhat of a treat to find a pre-ROTJ character packaged inside. In this “gallery” (if it can be called such!) you will be able to see a number of different combinations of figures packaged inside. Some figures, though packaged randomly, make for an interesting set. These include the Rebel Commando with Biker Scout, and Han Solo in Trench Coat with Leia Poncho.

Text from 12back.com